Welcome to my world of rotation, where each piece embodies the fluidity and dynamism of motion and new perspectives emerge with every turn. 
Inviting new owners and viewers to not just see, but engage with their evolving character. 
Come and join me in this rotating dance of colors, shapes, and stories.
Esmee Hoondert is a Dutch artist/designer whose passion for woodworking emerged gradually. 
Guided by her intuition and a deep connection with natural forms and materials, she developed her unique approach to sculptural art under the mentorship of an experienced woodworker. 
Her work, especially known for its dynamic rotating wood sculptures, explores the interplay of form and movement, transforming each piece into an interactive visual experience that invites reflection on constant change.
 Deeply committed to sustainability, Esmee ensures no piece of wood goes to waste, transforming every leftover into new, evolving forms. 
Additionally, with Homay, she actively works against the mass consumption of flowers and vases by providing durable alternatives that are meant to last for generations.
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